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Unlocking Cellphones

California judge rules early cell phone termination fees illegal

The short is that the SCoCA ruled that cancellation fees are illegal, which – if this ruling holds up to the appeals that will follow- means consumers will be able to more freely transfer service, without penalty.

The exciting part: if phones are going to be more easily transfered between carriers, it will become economically advantageous for phones to have more open software and hardware, to ensure standards of service and features.

The downfall: that iPhone 3G (or whatever hot, new phone that’s out when the final appeal fails) I want won’t be subsidized under this forecasted circumstance of less-proprietary agreements b/w carriers and manufacturers.

Editing Agents

When someone spreads false information about you, shouldn’t your first action be to correct the “false” information by, say, publishing accurate information with references and citations?


Literary Agent Sues Sites for Ruining Her Reputation
By Lynn Andriani — Publishers Weekly, 7/1/2008 7:40:00 AM
Literary agent Barbara Bauer is suing 19 bloggers and websites, including Wikipedia, YouTube and, claiming they are ruining her reputation, the New Jersey Star-Ledger reported yesterday. Online critics call Bauer one of publishing’s “20 Worst Literary Agents,” claiming she charges clients high fees for little work, and is a “scam agent.”  Bauer did not return PW’s calls for comment.

Bauer’s web site says the New Jersey literary agent established her firm in 1984, and that she has helped get numerous books by award-winning authors published in multiple languages around the world.

Bauer also sued the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America web site. The case has caught the attention of free-speech groups and online activists.

The two sides are scheduled to argue the motion before a Monmouth County, NJ, judge today.