On diagramming sculpture

For this initial assignment (the creation of a diagram that seeks to explain a medium), I decided to explore a medium about which I know and have thought very little. This medium was sculpture. I find it potentially interesting due to its three dimensionality–a trait not many contemporary mediums seem to offer. Sculpture, for whatever reason, has always been something I’ve been drawn to and have been affected by when I’ve browsed museums. Specifically, viewing the Laocoon Group at the Vatican is one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had with any work of art in the past decade.

Another small part of this equation is my interest in transmedia. In a brief twitter conversation with one of my favorite video game scholars, the genre limitations of popular transmedia came up and she asked why don’t transmedia narratives use sculpture (among other media). That possibility has stuck in my head, especially with a bit of reading on Kryptos, a cypher/sculpture that explores interesting multimedia possibilities in sculpture.

From looking at others’ posts, I’m glad I didn’t attempt one of the many wonderful historical approaches, as I know nothing about sculpture, really. Part of me wishes I would have given in to the urge to use more text as a tool for exploration, as many of the diagrams that used text for explication were successful in being meaningful and clear. But, I did want to force myself to use a more graphical approach, to see how I might construct an argument through mostly images. Next time, I would love to have more knowledge about sculpture before I commit to such a rough understanding and be able to synthesize thoughts of myself and others. I’d also be intrigued by the challenge of attempting a three dimensional representation of this exercise.

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