Pale Tour

This is a 2010 project remediating the paratextual narratives of Vladimir Nabokov’s Pale Fire from poetic commentary to spatial/temporal mapping using Google Earth’s API and KML touring. The KML tours utilize the gxTour function, as well as animated placemarks to toggle the text balloons. KML files were hand-coded as XML in Adobe Dreamweaver CS5; please, feel free to download them (Kinbote :: Charles Xavier :: Gradus) and remix as you please within the bounds of the Creative Commons license listed at the bottom of this page. KML examples are based off of Google code samples.
In the future, I plan to revisit the project to construct a FPW (First Person Writer) as a variation on the FPS video game genre. Players would hunt and collect narrative bits scattered throughout the gameworld, assembling a story variation through their spatial and temporal navigation.
To take the tour, please select Kinbote, Charles Xavier, or Gradus to begin. You may navigate to an individual tour or this home page from any of the pages in this directory.

Kinbote :: Charles Xavier :: Gradus

To read more about the project, and my situating it within an understanding of Borges’ metafictional work, hyperrealism, and new media, read my “On inexactitude in mapping” post.

The original seed of this project was planting while participating in #MarksDH2010.

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