Prezi Workshop

Two important assumptions:

* Technology is not neutral. “The medium is the message.” – McLuhan

* Prezi isn’t a magic bullet; it has problems and concerns that are both similar and separate from SlideWare.


Perks and drawbacks (the “Why Prezi?”)

* NASA analysis by Tufte


What Prezi is capable of (the “How Prezi?”)


Good design principles

* Watch/play with the following:

What is Prezi?

Thoughts on Using Prezi as a Teaching Tool

The How to Make a Great Prezi Prezi

Fun examples:

Playing to Learn?

Now that we’ve discussed, watched, and played with some examples and thought about best practices, let’s start to build our own.

Think of a simple lesson plan (or presentation topic you might be responsible for). Try to limit yourself to 3-5 “points” or steps.



Next, give it a brief spatial outline on a piece of paper. Try to roughly mimic how you might design it in prezi.



Now, we’ll look for some media to accompany the presentation:


Pictures: Flickr CC search; reminder on copyright use for educational purposes


Video: YouTube – or convert to a FLV or SWF


Get to know Frames:

visible vs. hidden



Get to know Paths


New Features

Play!  …and as a challenge, see if you can incorporate pictures, video, zooming, and (only) 2 or three font colors!


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