1 thought on “Updated Diagram of a (Multi)Medium

  1. Kara van de Graaf

    Hey Jay,

    I am so struck, now that I can see it, by the way that the television sculpture engages with Acconci! I think it’s also crucial that the television sculpture is arranged into the form of the body. We know from the background on Acconci’s work that he was interested in “positioning his own body as the simultaneous subject and object of the work.” I think that work also gestures towards the tradition of sculpture, though it is interesting that it clearly has a “front” side.

    I was interested in the flash to TV snow that you added into the central object. On one hand, that makes another link for me between television and sculpture. I would also be interested in seeing that animation engage with the issues of space that Acconci brought up. Could we see an object from multiple angles flashing through the center of the chart, perhaps?


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